Sometimes Steve plays caveman bass for 김일두 (KIM IL DU) and 지니어스 (GENIUS). Single 난전에 별 out now.

김일두 electronic folk album 꿈 속 꿈 out Oct. 1, 2020

“뜨거운 불” MV A side
“뜨거운 불” MV B side, video by Mafeel Kim

From Naver Sessions, Live (2018)

“They Were Good” (backstage version) live 2018, video by NAVER 문화재단

From LP (2017)

“2226” MV, video by Swan Park
” 너나나나 ” MV, video by Swan Park
“They Were Good,” video by Angle Magazine

From Lucky Mistake EP (2015)

“Until I’m 88 Years Old” live on EBS Space 2015

From Beaches LP (2014)

“Catch a Job” live at 인앤빈 카페 2014 0:56, video by Lim So
Everybody’s Fucking Everyone” live at Cafe Gallery Nada 2016

From the 특별시부산 Compilation (2013)

“Yellow Rabbit” MV, video by Lim So

From Birth, Choice, Death LP (2010)

“Once I Was A Dog” and “Watching TV” live at Jeng-iy 2014, video by Swan Park
“About Loving Somebody” live on EBS Space 2013
“Fantastic Island” live at 51+ Festival 2013

From Yangatchi LP (2009)

“Their Home” MV, video by Casey McKeever
“Jesus With Me Shake It Shake It” live at Basement 2014
“One Question” live at 51+ Festival 2013
“Once I Was A Dog” MV, video by Casey McKeever

From Busan, South Korea

Live at Busan Rock Festival 2017

From Genius Last Show (2018)

Private goodbyes 2018, video by Paper Company
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