“Shoe-merang, Lift” “Doritos” “The 13th Labor”
The Los Angeles Review, (Forthcoming)

“The Nonsense Brothers Detective Agency”
Hobart, (Forthcoming) Fall 2020

“Personae, Persona” “Siamese” “My Anime Waifu”
Wigleaf, (Forthcoming) Fall 2020

“Good Luck With All That”
J Journal, (Forthcoming) Fall 2020

“The House Still Stands” “When I Go” “They’d Hardly Felt It”
Cleaver, September 2020

Spent Casings, Littered Sidewalk, Yellow Placard #3
Barren Magazine, Issue 15/16 July 2020

Out On The Lake
Epiphany, Spring/Summer 2020

Chess Problems
Heavy Feather Review, February 2020

I Told Him I Would
X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine February 2020

She’s Been Living in the Attic for Who Knows How Long
Okay Donkey Mag, December 2019
* Nominated for Best Microfiction 2020

They Called Me Tony Robbins
The Southampton Review, Winter/Spring 2020

Some People You Can’t Do Anything About
The Southampton Review, April 2019

In Another Life I Used To Be A Dog
Jellyfish Review, February 2019
* Nominated for Best Small Fictions 2020
* Longlisted for Wigleaf Top 50 2020

Santa Fe Reservoir, 1996” and “Halloween, 1992
Bull: Men’s Fiction, June 2018

Guernica, December 2012


Eight Indie Bands To Know From Daegu, South Korea
Bandcamp Daily, September 2020

Pastoral in Busan
North American Review, April 2019

Atticus Review, June 2018

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