“Personae, Persona,” “Siamese, “My Anime Waifu”
Wigleaf, (Forthcoming) Fall 2020

“Good Luck With All That”
J Journal, (Forthcoming) Fall 2020

“The House Still Stands,” “When I Go,” “They’d Hardly Felt It”
Cleaver, (Forthcoming) September 2020

Out On The Lake
Epiphany, Spring/Summer 2020

Chess Problems
Heavy Feather Review, February 2020

I Told Him I Would
X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine February 2020


She’s Been Living in the Attic for Who Knows How Long
Okay Donkey Mag, December 2019
* Nominated for Best Microfiction 2020

They Called Me Tony Robbins
The Southampton Review, Winter/Spring 2020

Pastoral in Busan
North American Review, April 2019

Some People You Can’t Do Anything About
The Southampton Review, April 2019

In Another Life I Used To Be A Dog
Jellyfish Review, February 2019
* Nominated for Best Small Fictions 2020
* Longlisted for Wigleaf Top 50 2020


Atticus Review, June 2018

Santa Fe Reservoir, 1996” and “Halloween, 1992
Bull: Men’s Fiction, June 2018


Guernica, December 2012

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